Anonymous: you are such an inspiration! your progress and improvement in such a short amount of time is unbelievable! you're getting so good so fast! share your secret?

*Tear* Thank you, and keep on shooting? I’m no good with speeches. 

Fruits stands on the side of Hana.
Anonymous: GoodNight My Lesbian Photographer Crush! ^_^

Goodmorning my faceless anonymous wife.

Anonymous: your photography has improved so much over such a short amount of time! anywaaaayyyyyyyyssss carry on I will go away now.

No, wait come back!

Took this picture over 2 years ago.
Anonymous: what's your zodiac sign


Anonymous: Is this your full time job or a hobby?

Full time job.

Well actually I have 2 more jobs sooooo

To be completely surrounded by peace.
Anonymous: Wat kind of lenses are the best for shooting? To have a more blurry effect. If i have a canon. Sorry im not expecting u to know but im just starting to get into photography and i little help would be great! hehe thank you <33

Portrait lenses, preferably anything with f-number 2.8 and smaller. It’ll be a little bit over the expensive side, but it’ll be worth it. Goodluck on your photography journey!

Anonymous: I'm so guilty of over shelling and now I feel bad :,(

Oh no, don’t feel bad, like I said I’m not bashing this hobby, just reminding everyone that those are homes to organisms below, it’ll be like someone taking our houses away. Just be cautious of how much to take from the ocean, that’s all. Continue what you love to do.