I don’t always speak pidgin but when I do, DA FAKA COME OUT STRONG LIDDAT.

Aloha BROHAs.
Design available on my society6.
Anonymous: Do you have a lot of choices for models on Hawaii? it seems like a lot of photographers there have repetitive models. Notlike its a bad thing?

Professional and experienced models? No. Instagram models? Yes.

ehmrahld: heyyy! i absolutely love your blog! would you mind checking out mine? i live in honolulu, hawaii :-) thanks! xoxo, soph


Anonymous: Who are ur top 8 fav photography or film blogs

FIRST, 8 IS SO RANDOM, SECOND, I JUST CAME BACK FROM WORK AND I AM COMPLETELY BLANK, SO IM SORRY IF I LEFT SOME PEOPLE OUT, I DONT KNOW BLOGS BUT I KNOW THEIR NAMES: Casey Liu, Henrik Purienne, Brydie Mack, lukeschuetrumpf (here’s her blog link,) Patrick Houi, Cait Miers, brooklynhawaii (here’s her blog link,) Jeremy Snell,  Wendy Laurel, Mel Tjoeng.  

Anonymous: The length of your toenails? Probably about the same as yesterday. Which, I also must admit. That I've seen your toes, and they are quite adobo :]

I grew them them out sooooooooooo :3

ltzjenesus: Im just a little sad that we've never officially hung out yet considering the fact that we have like 831592165 mutual friends.

The feelings are mutual my friend, but you’ll be on O’ahu right?

Bridal Salt on the Rocks.
If any of you are going to take this picture and decide to turn it into your design (which is illegal because this is copyright) please give full credit. I&#8217;ve seen over 10 instagram posts with my picture and how it&#8217;s this and that, just please give me credit.
Anonymous: you are such an inspiration! your progress and improvement in such a short amount of time is unbelievable! you're getting so good so fast! share your secret?

*Tear* Thank you, and keep on shooting? I’m no good with speeches.