Product shots with The Little Gypsy USA.
So three of my best friends just called me

right at 12 am to wish me happy birthday and I just want to cry because I love them so much, and I miss them more than ever. #homesick

sstanak: im so inspired by ur art and creativity and everything about ur photography! wat kind of camera and lens do u shoot with ? thnk you !!

gah, thank you. I have a nikon d3100, very not ‘all that’ but I have 80-300mm, 18-55mm, AF nikkor 50mm f/1.8D

Rainbows and pura vida
Oahu, my love.
Samantheeyo totes are now available in Australia! Can you believe it?!
Still don’t know why everyone is so obsessed with my jar of pineapple juice. awwwwells
Beautiful day at Ala Moana.

Wrote multiple love letters that I plan on sending to my girlfriend. We live together but I know how much she enjoys hand written letters, so I’ll address it to our apartment and I’ll be putting Admirer in the return address. 

A little something to keep our fire going. (Eventhough it’s been going strong for a year and a half now.)

Let me see your ripples.
Another shoot with some amazing Yoga people and Peace inspired Jewelry. Check out more at

So I made a Facebook post earlier today about how to “feed your passion” regarding purchasing yet again, another lens for my camera. I felt uber guilty because I wasn’t fully honest in some sort of deep conscience mocking sort of way, I wasn’t fully feeding my passion by buying objects, I want to feed my passion to see the world. Recently my best friend bought a ticket to travel around Europe during New Years and I jumped for joy for her ability to just say “fuck it” and do what she’s been wanting to do forever. Travel. I however, feel like that should be me also, feeding my passion and just doing it, travel, with my best bud, eating foreign food and taking amazing photos! I would jump at the chance if I had the damn money.

THE OCEAN. Get this printing to hang on your wall, framed or as a tote bag/pillow now at
kendalie: your pictures are flawless !! i was wondering if its okei if i upload a picture you have taken to my instagram ! i'll credit of course !

Ofcourse, as long as you tag me in some sort of way.