revolutionaroundthesun: Hi! I love your photos and I'm just getting into photography myself! Do you have any advice/do's & don'ts for editing (I just got Lightroom 5), especially in regards to color, or just in general?

Hi! Thank you! Yes I do, DON’T think that contrast is your friend, I mean as much as I do have a habit of turning that sucker up, don’t make your photos too contasty, it makes your photos look like it was taken with a cool pix camera from the 90s. Instead, play with the tone curve, those are way more useful than you think. DO play around and use your preset, even make your own preset! You’ll grow to love them, especially when you find the perfect editing style that you could use for everykine of photography. DO use the tool bars, especially the mask, it works wonders on skin tone, etc. The brush is amazing and gets rids of flaws and blemishes. Lastly DON’T upload/import all your photos, before importing select the pictures you will be editing and delete or uncheck those you aren’t planning to edit or is not a flattering picture. If you decide to import all like how I do, you’ll have a whole day dedicated to deleting 1000+ photos off your lightroom individually, and it sucks because it takes so much room. Well that’s all the advice I have other than exporting it with full quality and shoot in RAW, it’s better than JPEG.

rose head
record store blues
Anonymous: not sure if anyone has asked before but who do you draw inspiration from? who is your favorite person to look up to?

AH! I’ve been asked this before yes! and the answer will always remain the same, Casey Liu. From the itty bitty dream I had with my oh so not amazing knowledge of photography, Casey helped me A LOT. She is definitely the reason why I am who I am in the photography world today. She helped open up doors to all the possibility in this industry and though then we were both sort of younger and inexperienced, she was an amazing, underline that, great photographer with her own personal style that you couldn’t find out here in Hawaii. What really synced in my head was her advice to ‘find your own style’ and well, I hope I did. 

Anonymous: Do you have a price list somewhere?

Yes, also located on my website:) SAMANTHEEYO.COM

Anonymous: If I want you to shoot my engagement photos how do I contact you?

Feel free to contact me by going to my website, SAMANTHEEYO.COM, there’s a link to contact me through there.

Anonymous: your recent work is just amazeballs!

Thanks kind sir/mam.

Anonymous: I'm sure you've heard this a lot already but you're such a huge inspiration to me and my sisster we both just recently gotten into photography and we come to your tumblr and instqgram almost everyday to see your work. That sounded creepy :O

Gah, that’s super sweet actually, thank you!

Anonymous: Thank you so much for the advice on portraiture :) You definitely did help :D I have a canon t5i and I've been experimenting with the M setting and I like it better than auto since its more of a creative setting but I just have to get more comfortable and practice more! Thanks so much again and your photography is gorgeous, keep up the good work <3

I’m glad that I could of helped you out, even if it’s a little. Keep shooting darling! Please not be anonymous next time, it’d be uber cool to see your photos! Have a good night!

Anonymous: my friend took maternity photos of my sister with one of those cool pix camera thing from the 90s and now she thinks shes a photographer lmfao

Thanks for sharing hahahahahahaha