Anonymous: not sure if anyone has asked before but who do you draw inspiration from? who is your favorite person to look up to?

AH! I’ve been asked this before yes! and the answer will always remain the same, Casey Liu. From the itty bitty dream I had with my oh so not amazing knowledge of photography, Casey helped me A LOT. She is definitely the reason why I am who I am in the photography world today. She helped open up doors to all the possibility in this industry and though then we were both sort of younger and inexperienced, she was an amazing, underline that, great photographer with her own personal style that you couldn’t find out here in Hawaii. What really synced in my head was her advice to ‘find your own style’ and well, I hope I did. 

Anonymous: Do you have a price list somewhere?

Yes, also located on my website:) SAMANTHEEYO.COM

Anonymous: If I want you to shoot my engagement photos how do I contact you?

Feel free to contact me by going to my website, SAMANTHEEYO.COM, there’s a link to contact me through there.

Anonymous: your recent work is just amazeballs!

Thanks kind sir/mam.

Anonymous: I'm sure you've heard this a lot already but you're such a huge inspiration to me and my sisster we both just recently gotten into photography and we come to your tumblr and instqgram almost everyday to see your work. That sounded creepy :O

Gah, that’s super sweet actually, thank you!

Anonymous: Thank you so much for the advice on portraiture :) You definitely did help :D I have a canon t5i and I've been experimenting with the M setting and I like it better than auto since its more of a creative setting but I just have to get more comfortable and practice more! Thanks so much again and your photography is gorgeous, keep up the good work <3

I’m glad that I could of helped you out, even if it’s a little. Keep shooting darling! Please not be anonymous next time, it’d be uber cool to see your photos! Have a good night!

Anonymous: my friend took maternity photos of my sister with one of those cool pix camera thing from the 90s and now she thinks shes a photographer lmfao

Thanks for sharing hahahahahahaha

Anonymous: I honestly thought there was little to do when your a photographer like snap snap and your on your way!

I was sitting on my bed for about 5 minutes thinking of a clever metaphor to use to answer this question like “Being a photographer is like changing an outfit, you have to pick which match and do small details to make it all work, add some make up and perfume and even afterwards you’ll have to redo it all over again because you aren’t satisfied till you’re completely happy with how you look.” That was horrid and completely pointless, but in all what I was trying to say is that it takes time, a lot of effort, a lot of studying and a lot of self exploration.

Ok I’m done now have a good morning.

Anonymous: i wanted to start taking portrait photographs of people and Is their any advice on what setting is best for that on my camera?

what type of camera do you own? I think it’ll only be suiting if I tell you about Nikon since I have little knowledge of Canon. For myself setting is one thing but SETTING as in location is another. I almost always use my Nikon on manual (M) and keep the aperture at about f/2.0 (for the blur effect) but it could be different for everyone at anywhere. Just keep playing with the lighting (have your model be in natural light for the best portrait photos trust me) If you’re new just start with automatic and by keeping an eye out on your camera screen to see what aperture, exposure time, ISO and focal length is best and than start setting your camera to that setting and before you know it you’ll memorize the best setting for your camera and your style of photos.

I hope that helped, I’m really not a good teacher.