hhotamale: Hi 😄 it's been a while. & u probably already saw that I trolled ur feed...hehe (love to see ur photos, always amazing!). Anywho just wanted to ask, how do you extract your photos from your disposable cameras? Like do you take a picture of the developed picture? Could be a really dumb question but I just had to ask!

Hi! Yeah I remember you silly! And I get it developed at longs/walgreen/any local place that prints rolls but instead of getting prints get the CD version, so all the photos will get scanned onto a CD and you pop the CD into your computer and walah.

Anonymous: I admire you. In a competitive industry such as photography it's so easy to feel like you don't have the tools to be the photographer people make you out to be but you do it anyway. I can definitely tell you do it for the love and passion you have for it and not just the money. I hope in the future you're rewarded for the amount talent you have to offer

You’re an absolute delight, thank you for your kind and encouraging words. I hope in the future I become experienced enough to be rewarded.

Anonymous: You are the biggest inspiration right now! The photos that you take are so unique and breathtaking!!! I can't find any other Hawaii PROFESSIONAL photographers that have the same cool and new touch to their photos. You samantheeyo are going to go far.

*tear rolls down from face* Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Anonymous: I can TOTALLY RELATE. I'm a photographer on kauai, and geeze, I've pretty much been turned off from photography from the greed of people in the industry. Especially what we are doing (not weddings). It's always models wanting free pictures and brands wanting free pictures and not just a couple pictures they want like 50+ pictures from a shoot. People don't realize the work and effort a photographer puts into the shoot and post processing, and how creatively taxing it can be

THANKKKKK YOUUUUUUUUUUUU! People think it’s as easy as editing on your iPhone but editing softwares are expensive and the hours and minutes put in to make the photo look spectacular, it’s time consuming. We have lives, haha. Also the cost of storage space online and upgrading your equipment, etc.

vintage sports illustrated meets bay watch /// Entreaguas Beachwear
vintage sports illustrated meets bay watch /// Entreaguas Beachwear
Vintage meets Bay watch // Entreaguas Beachwear
Anonymous: so do companies just hire you and then not pay you?

2 out of 3 don’t pay but instead do a “trade” for like publicity or some sort. A lot of the time I get their products in return (which is nice but doesn’t pay the bills but I’d rather this than no form of gratitude) or the silent treatment after I give them the photos.

I’m not going to complain anymore though I do appreciate all my clients. 


I feel like tumblr would be the best place to rant when I don’t feel exactly comfortable sharing my conundrum with close relatives. I’ve been drowning in a pool of demands. Wow didn’t realize how egotistic that sounded. I have people writing me left and right to take pictures of their products and portfolios, etc. but I’m not getting paid, well not all the time. I’ve been using the same camera body since I’ve worked my butt off to buy one over 4 years ago and since then I haven’t gathered enough money to invest in an upgrade. You’d think that with all of the businesses I’ve been shooting for I’d have enough to not have this pointless rant but it’s so frustrating. 

All in all, photographers aren’t slaves, please pay us for your service. 

5am at Lani Kai
timothydelagracia: Yoooooo! You're pictures are killllin. You've come a long way and it's paying off haha. Good shit🙌🙌

Thanks! You’ve been there from the start.